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Oily Coolant...and a strong exhaust smell.

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  • Oily Coolant...and a strong exhaust smell.

    Hello folks,

    So for the past week, or so, I've noticed that the car's exhaust is much stronger smelling. I can't say it's smelly like sulfur or rotten eggs, but just a typical exhaust smell, say, times 10 (to my non-mechanical nose, it smells very rich). And upon shutoff, the engine gives just a tiny hint of a sputter.

    With that said, I'm looking around the engine, the exhaust, checking for obvious leaks or sooting. I don't find much of anything.

    Onto the coolant - Since I've had the car (6 months), I've only freshened up the oil and the air filter. The oil that came out, showed fine. Not milky, just typical used motor oil. The car ran great.

    So back to this last past week, I also check out the coolant, it appears to have oil in it. So today, I flush out the coolant, which is unbelievably messy, and fill him back up.

    So my three-part question is this: What might be causing the strong, rich, exhaust smell? Being fuel injected (SPI, I think) and having an ECU, then what might be the culprit? Unless of some failure, I thought the point of the ECU and fuel injection, was to find the optimal fuel to air ratio, thus avoiding running too rich, or too lean?

    And the second part of said problem...does, what perceives to be oil, in the coolant, always point to a head gasket failure?

    And thirdly, can the exhaust smell, along with the coolant issue, be related?

    As always, thanks!

    The new, non-mechanical, guy,

    Ryan -94 Rover Mini