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  • It's getting hot in take off your shoes

    Hello folks,

    Could someone direct me, the new kid, on what to look for in correcting my heat issue, please? I'm sure it's a relatively easy fix...but everything mini related is new to me.

    The heater area of the lower dash (1994 Rover) - the tubes, the unit, is always hot. I don't have the blower on, but from my knees on down, it's hot. The control lever, or the (heat vs cool) push rod, pushes in and pulls out, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Even with the blower off, the amount of heat it's throwing off if very noticeable.

    Even though my little tartan has A/C, my personal battle with MS and the beating me up.

    Is there something easy I should be looking for, or is this fairly normal?

    Thanks all!


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    Check the function of the heater control valve, it could be stuck in the open position allowing hot water from the engine into the heater core. On your car, its probably located on the side of the heater. Heater control valves are available on line from Mini Mania or Seven Enterprises for about $60.


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      Thanks for the direction, Jerry!

      I see that the cable moves freely, thus pulling the "plunger" in and out of the valve, but doesn't seem to change the temp.

      I'm assuming the innards are corroded.

      Thank you the direction, I'll order a new part in the near future!



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        The part is from MiniSpares in England and you can save a bunch of money by just ordering direct from them. The part is $19.95US. It can be shipped cheap on the slow boat or for $28US you can have it shipped next day with DHL. You'll have a few more little bits like a gasket to order anyways.

        MiniSpares $20, MiniMania $50, Seven Enterprises $36