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So sound glass shop?

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  • So sound glass shop?

    I took out a windscreen on the way to ABFM Vancouver and would like to get a proper replacement installed with new seal and trim in Tacoma area ideally.
    Any guidance appreciated (1963 Morris Cooper S)


    Dick Johnson

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    Action Auto Glass on South Washington is supposed to be pretty good, recommended by my SAAB guy. I've talked to them about replacing the windscreen on my car and they weren't afraid of the challenge. I don't know how old (read brittle) the windscreen seal is on your car, but I'd make sure that you had new seal, filler and finishing strip on hand when you take the car in. Or you could take a drive out to them and have a conversation-the weather is forecast to be nice tomorrow.


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      Action Auto Glass replaced the windscreen in the TIC. Very satisfied with the result and the price.


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        Did you supply or they, and about what was the installed cost?
        Thanks for the info.
        I did get a triplex fron 7ent and the other install stuff and have talked to Gunnar about the install but these guys are a LOT closer.


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          You should go talk to them and let them have a look at your car. The cost for my car was $125 + tax but they were able to use the existing seal-probably would be more if the seal is hard, unusable and needing replacement. The installer told me that the majority of the prep time was masking the car to protect the paint. I liked that. They didn't balk that I provided the glass, seal, etc.


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            A bit late but I have new windows and new rubber. Let me know if you still need them.