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  • 145/70/12 tires

    Hey All,

    I'm looking for recommendation for 12" tires. Which ones do you like, which ones have you had good experiences with, which (if any) should be avoided? Any and all feedback is welcome.

    Tire size I need is 145/70/R12. So far I've been able to track down all of the following but not sure which will suit best. (Falken Sincera, Nanking SV-2, and Federal SS-657)


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    The best tyre by far is the Yokohama A539

    The size you are comparing is different. That is the size I use for my 13" spare tyre.

    I believe the size you need is 165/60/12 and I would get them from If you want new rims with tyres you can check out - they ship them mounted and balanced.|Back%20to%20shop


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      How well do the 165s fit 4.5" rims?
      The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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        Originally posted by Cheleker View Post
        How well do the 165s fit 4.5" rims?
        I'm not sure. I was hoping you would chime in with your expertise. I thought the rims were 5.0", I know mine are 5x12. I thought the steels were 4.5"

        Is the measurement from the inside of the lips?