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    I recently got what I believe is a MKIII shell from Drexel. I'm trying to figure out what the serial number is. So far I found a tag on the front engine bay and one on the left inner fender. The front engine bay number is B20S151163L. The inner fender is FE2034513. From my research on Vin numbers these just don't seem to be the Vin numbers. Is there a different location I should be looking or is there some numbers missing from these tags? Also what do these numbers say about my car?

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    B20S is a Commission Number. MK III or IV Mini City most likely.

    The FE ("Front End") number is of little help unless you run into one of the few people that have spent I life time gather FE number information! The factory didn't bother.

    Neither number is a Chassis/Serial/VIN

    Sometime British Motor Industy Heritage Trust can identify a car by the Commission Number, for a fee.
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