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  • Gas Tank Rehab

    So on Friday I removed both tanks from my Aussie Cooper S as part of my project to go thru the fuel system. As I was washing out the LH tank I noticed that nothing appeared to be draining out of the bottom.

    This was not the case with the RH tank, water goes in and comes out the bottom drain. But nothing comes out the bottom of the LH tank. However when I drained gas out of the tank earlier in the day it was flowing nicely out of the bottom of the LH tank.

    Is this normal or should I be alarmed? Maybe I have some sort of a clog or obstruction there? This may be a crazy thought, but is there by design some sort of a "nipple" on the inside of the LH tank where the line out attaches, that requires the pump to get liquid out of the tank. But then this wasn't an issue when I was draining the gas out so it seems unlikely. I'm a little puzzled and wondering whether I have a problem.

    Anybody have this happen before, or have any thoughts?
    Jerry C
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    I think there may be a screen in the outlet of the LH tank. You might try compressed air or something liquid to back flush it. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

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      I hesitated, too, Kelley. I don't know if the OZ tanks were made like the English ones or not. The English tanks did have a screen on the pickup tube, and depending upon how the tank is cleaned, the screen can get plugged. Back flushing should solve the problem.
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