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    my Car goes through a small restauration and finally paint Job. it could take
    up to4-5 month
    Is it good to turn the engine over once a while, or do other stuff to the engine to keep it from not binding.

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    I guess that we can assume that the engine will be out of the car during the resto and painting.

    4 to 5 months should not be too long to have the engine out of the car to cause any problems. You should remove the spark plugs and squirt an ounce or so of motor oil in each cylinder. Then give the engine a couple of revolutions to distribute the oil in the bores. Replace the spark plugs and seal off any openings to the engine like intake/exhaust ports or any other openings where items were removed from the engine. Keep the engine inside of the garage and cover with a plastic sheet. Turn the engine over a couple of revolutions every month or so. All should be good for several months.
    Mark Gnagy


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      thanks for input.
      Engine is in the Car and are garaged.