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It's the rad fan man!

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  • It's the rad fan man!

    Marian and I headed out Monday for a quick jaunt to Troutdale and Skamokawa, pushing Old Paint pretty hard using more freeway than usual. We stopped at Beacon Rock on the Columbia for a few minutes. That was long enough for the plastic fan to warp as it cooled until it was ready to plow into the crank pulley upon re-start.
    Oh my the racket! I was sure the drop gears were toast. The flatbed dropped us off at McMenamins in Troutdale and then took the car to Jet Motors near Portland.
    Jeremy called the next day with the good news that the fan was the culprit, partly because I had failed to install a spacer behind the fan. He has us on the road to Skamokawa by mid afternoon. Great guy, great company.


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    Don, sorry to hear about the trouble, glad that it wasn't the drop gears! Dan had a similar problem at Mini Meet in San Ramon, which prompted me to go to the steel tropical fan. A bit noisy, perhaps but at least, it wont melt.


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      Glad it wasn't anything major and happy to see that Jeremy was able to sort you out.


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        I have a theory...but I'm waiting to talk with our resident physicist.
        The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.