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  • Clutch work

    I've replaced every single part of my clutch system from the clutch pedal/master cylinder clevis pin to the clutch release arm, bled the system numerous times, and made all the adjustments several times, but I'm still having trouble shifting into first gear from a stop and I get a little grinding putting it into reverse. I'm grasping at straws now. Can anyone tell me if a clutch kit such as: - can be installed without removing my 998 engine? FB
    Firemarshal Bill
    78' Mini 1000

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    yes, it can. As you'd imagine, it's very snug. But you can. Do you have a brake booster sitting up high above the "wok"? That can make it a lot more work. But still, you can do it.
    If you wish, send me a pm and enclose a pic of your engine compartment. Also, see the manual for a step by step.
    Borrow the tools from our library. ( Get all tools; the flywheel puller, the seal tool, etc. ) Buy the extra "while your at its" like the seal and stuff - sorry I didn't read your link to which parts you'd referred to.
    Finally, just in case, give yourself extra time in case you'd need to machine / replace your flywheel / back plate.
    Let me know,
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