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Question reguarding Hydro system

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  • Question reguarding Hydro system

    Been slowly working to get my mini ready to pass the MOT. And as i had her on the lift i had grabbed the rear right tire. I was able to push and pull the wheel assembly back and forth about a half inch. I believe its called the rear hub assembly. Anyways I fairly sure i will have to replace it. From what i was told i remove everything and swap it to the new one. My concern is that the hydrolastic system she has will be a total pain. Would i be able to work around it or is it worth while to just have a shop do it?

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    If you have a bad rear wheel bearing (most likely) the repair is the same as for a wet car and the hydrolastic system does not come into play.
    If you have a bad rear hub (and or bearing), the same story.
    If you have worn trailing arm bushing, bearing and shaft, the the arm has to come out and you will need to evacuate the hydrolastic system on that side. When repairs are done, the system will need to be pumped up.
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