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Piston Heads, is this normal?

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  • Piston Heads, is this normal?

    My small project I started with has now turned into a rather large one as I keep removing part. I took off the cylinder head today and the pistons look like the pictures below. I know they won't be clean but is this the way they should look normaly and what should I use to clean them off while they are exposed? The loose particles on the head are the build up around the gasket that fell in when removing.This is the deepest I have ever been into an engine so I am full of questions.

    Painting the engine has now turned into replacing all the rusted bolts and nuts to stainless steal and a new stage 4 stainless steal cylinder head upgrade. Already had 1.5 rockers and 52mm throttle body so this was the next step to complete.
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