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  • My Mini Died

    I was so frustrated that my new mini died on 405 last week. Stuck in traffic then all of a sudden steam is barreling out from under the hood. With the recent birth of our twins I have no mini repair time.

    I got the car home and hadn't looked at it till today. I needed to move my mini's around in the garage to make room. I looked under the hood for the first time and all the coolant was gone. I filled it back up and started the car. Quickly I could see coolant pumping out of a hose. Very relieved that it was just a coupler so should have my nicer mini running for white elephant. Crazy that just a small piece just killed the car.
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    Our cars are made up of little parts, and a lot of them are critical. Make this one worry-free; don't replace the coupler with another plastic one. You should be able to use a length of copper or stainless tubing instead. Resist the temptation to use irrigation crap.

    Congratulations on your twins, by the way. Lots of happiness there, but I can only imagine the amount of effort they require.


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      Good call on the metal tubing. I was just going to call Jet motors or 7ent to see if they had a replacement but a metal one would last longer.