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"gasket compound", what is it?

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  • "gasket compound", what is it?

    Hi Mini people-

    I'm replacing my leaky water pump, and the Haynes manual says to lightly smear the gasket with "gasket compound". That sounds like a magic elixir for gaskets, and I'm sure that I want to smear the gasket with some of that stuff, but what is it? I have some blue RTV silicone gasket maker... is that close?

    Related question: for cleaning up the block at the gasket interface, will mineral spirits do the trick? Or is there another preferred cleaner?

    Thanks for your inputs.


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    Gasket Compound

    I use K&W Copper Coat Gasket Compound. I either picked it up at Car Quest or NAPA. $5.00 ish.



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      OK. Thanks, Tim!



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        When I did mine I used this product from Permatex. It's grey and has the consistency of cake frosting (in a tube).

        Unlike their 'blue' stuff, very easy to work with and clean up. Not messy at all. No leaks after more than a year in service. Highly recommended.


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          For cleaning up the block, use a gasket scraper or an old wood chisel. For final clean up mineral spirits often works but some gasket compounds are tougher than others.

          No matter what you use on the gasket, use very little of it.

          If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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            Great! Many thanks.



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              After an extended diversion (because, you know, the driver's side brake flex hose is RIGHT THERE when the radiator is out) and holidays and whatnot, the car is finally back together. I went with the K&W Copper Coat Gasket compound since it was on the shelf at my local shop, and... so far so good, which means, no leaks.

              I used t-bolt hose clamps that seem maybe just a little tiny too big (tightened right down), but they seem to be clamping enough to do the job.

              Again, many thanks for your inputs.