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  • Rod Change Seal

    I have to replace a rod change seal.

    I expect that once I get in there I will find it already has an existing metal rod change bushing with rubber seal.

    What is the best way to remove the old one to replace? I have heard that you can drill a tiny hole and then put a screw in it so there is something to grab to be able to pull out. It seems there has to be another way.

    The last time we ran into this I just left the metal bushing and replaced the seal and the boot and all was well. This time the oil leaks so much I suspect the rubber seal around the metal is damaged.


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    In the old days, before electricity, that's how we changed shaft seals in the helicopter maintenance business. Drill two small holes, 180 degrees apart, insert the appropriately sized sheet metal screws, wrap the screw heads with safety wire and pull the seal out. Better than digging away with a scribe or other pointed tool that might damage the sealing surface. Chuck might have a better method.