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  • What am I doing wrong?

    What am I doing wrong? I am installing new brake pads on the front of my MKIII mini. I've greased the contact points with high-temp brake grease, new springs are all in the correct position (or at least the position they were in when I took the pads off, the pads are seated properly, I've turned the adjusters to bring the pads in as far as possible, but I still can't get my drums (recently resurfaced) to slip over the pads.

    It is possible that my main problem was the fact that I was in the garage at 11:30 pm trying to change out the brakes - I've got 2 kids that burn up most of my "daylight". Is there anyone who knows of something that I could be missing that is causing my problems?

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    D, Are the hydraulic cylinders free and returned to their compressed position? Don


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      Try opening the bleeder valve to let the piston in the brake cylinder fully relax, then recheck the spring placement with the diagram in the Maint. Manual.
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        You may have a problem with the wheel cylinder not returning completely. But before you investigate that, take off one of the brake shoes and put it in the brake drum and see if the drum has the same curve as the shoe. Years ago when brake drums were common, it was standard practice to recurve the shoe to fit the brake drum. Most likely all you're going to have to do is sand off a bit of each end of each brake shoe to get the curve close. I've had to do it on every set of new brake shoes I've ever put on a Mini.


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          Installed... I checked the fit of the pads in the drums and everything seemed OK, so I opened the bleeder valve and then re-installed the pads. It took a little work getting the drum on, but mission accomplished. Thanks for the advice!