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2014 Dyno Day Results

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  • 2014 Dyno Day Results

    I am posting this here as well as in the Dyno Event thread as it may be of interest to the wider audience.

    Notes from out club Dyno Run at Fairlady Motors.

    First I want to thanks Doug for a very welcoming event. 7 mini’s showed up and were warmly greeted by Doug and staff. Coffee and treats were provided.
    The results are:
    Peter (Innocenti 1360cc, Elgin Cam, Carb)
    HP: 59
    Torque: 71
    Barth (mini cooper, 1133cc , Kent 266 Cam, Carb)
    HP: 56
    Torque: 59
    Jerry (mini 1293cc Isky Cam, Carb)
    HP: 69
    Torque: 69
    Merv (mini SPI 1275)
    HP: 52
    Torque: 53
    Dick (mini Cooper S 1275)
    HP: 56
    Torque: 59
    Mike Prezbindowski (mini, 1466cc Kent 276 Cam, Specialist Components Fuel Injection)
    HP: 60
    Torque: 85
    Jerry C (Toyota MR2)
    HP: 120
    Torque: 110
    Note: that All the cars except the MR2 exhibited rich mixture syndrome. Jerry was able to do a couple of runs and Doug tweaked his car to get about 10 more HP on the final attempt. Mike’s car has lots of potential but is currently running VERY rich but a few hours spent with Doug on the Dyno will give great results. Already planned for 2 weeks from today.
    Classic Miniac.
    1978 Mini (1460)
    1991 B M W 318is

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    Here is the chart from my run.

    Note the mixture goes EXTREMELY rich. Not good. Doug will be fixing all this up in 2 weeks. Then will post the improvements.
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    Classic Miniac.
    1978 Mini (1460)
    1991 B M W 318is


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      Awesome. Thanks for posting the results!


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        Doug welcomed us with a small buffet of coffee, water, bananas, apples, strawberries, cinnamon rolls, three varieties of cookies and even M&Ms. Add in pleasant weather and it was a good morning at Dyno Day, followed by pizza at the Cloverleaf. Not a bad way to start the day. it's too bad that we didn't have better (more) club representation. Memorial Day weekend may have conflicted with plans, but this was an event that should be attended. Those who weren't there missed out on a good time.
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          I had intended to be there but work got in the way.

          Jerry, are you going back in two weeks?


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            Andrew, work has a bad habit of doing just that! I think that Mike is the only one planning on going back in 2 weeks.


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              Great dyno day

              Thanks Peter for putting this together, very fun day, I thought.
              Doug did a great job for us all and is a really nice guy, as were his Mom and Girlfriend.

              Bet regards,

              Dick Johnson

              Try link below to convert wheel HP to flywheel.



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                Just a guess, and a bad one for Minis. Doesn't really matter. What gets to the wheels is the important one. The other is just for bragging rights over beers.
                The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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                  Wish I could've made this event with my old Inno! Always wanted to find out what it was putting down at the wheels.


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                    dyno day

                    yes, indeed was a great day, but in the past years, we had way more minis
                    signing up!!!!!
                    Innochad, where is your mini now.? who got it. give me some contact like to see the car again, perhaps at the Vashon bash.



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                      Hi Peter,
                      My friend, Rich, bought my Mini. It resides in Ballard now, so still local. In fact, I still get a ride in it every now and then...makes me regret selling it! I'll see if he can make it to the Bash on Vashon. Maybe I'll even be able to join him. Anyhow, back to dyno charts!