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Rod Change mounting threads???

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  • Rod Change mounting threads???

    Hey all, I am in the process of replacing the rod-change box in my Mini. I've sourced a brand new unused rod-change housing + rods, so I'm really excited about that.

    The mounts on there now (the thread-spool looking ones) are terrible, and the rubber is practically destroyed. I got these new ones from Seven Ent.

    None of my nuts fit them, even the ones on the existing mounts. I've gone to Tacoma screw, ordered multiple mounts to see if the problem was those mounts specifically, and even tried to run a dye on the mounting threads...

    Basically the threads on the mounting studs aren't course thread, and aren't fine thread. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? And if so, can you please let me know how you solved this issue?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I'd give a call to Jack Holdaway or Mike Kearney at Seven Ent. They must have some first hand info.

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      Almost certainly another example of original, 5/16" fine threads being changed for metric. Take the mount to a good hardware strore and I bet you'll find the correct metric long as the dye job didn't destroy the threads.
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        Chuck's right - a lot of the newer manf stuff that originally used SAE threads are now metric.


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          What was found out with the thread problem?