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  • hydrolastic System

    what happenend, if you car is hydrolastic and you want to change it to
    was does it involve?? big Job.? leave the hydro system in it and add
    \the suspension parts.?


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    yes Peter, big job,, why would you want to do this unless your wet system went bad?
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      As I understand it, ideally, both subframes should to be changed along with the cones, etc., so yes, quite a major undertaking.


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        no problem sofar with the Hydro system, no leaks butI checked
        the systems at chucks.Sow chuck pumped it to the max leve l 282 lb sq inch
        even went a little highter to 300 and it rises the car not much
        It is now a little below the recommend high front and back
        front 12 3/8 back 12 7/8 messured from the center of the wheel to the
        beginning of body.
        Sow wondering if you go higher pumping something will go??
        So perhaps with the hydro internals getting week.
        other option would BE get replacement parts, I THINK NOT EASY TOO.



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          The height of a hydrolastic car is not entirely determined by the fluid pressure. The displacers contain a significant amount of rubber similar to a dry suspension cone. It would not surprise me if the displacers settled a bit (about 10%) as they age thus lowering the car. If it still holds pressure and the hose connections to the displacers are in good condition I wouldn't change it.

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            yes, it looks like the rubber inside got weaker, but overall holds the
            I was reading in a german manual, Dealers in those days that had the pump
            said they just don t go by the pressure all the time, instead by the
            ride Height !!



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              just picking up the Questions :>> , according to Innocenti
              my Systems should be the " Green" marked one.
              Medium or strong I don't know.l
              Is it actual possible to get replacement for the displacer, connector and pipes.?
              somewhere, or you go through


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                The green band displacers are the standard units from late (after 1965) hydrolastic cars.
                If your displacers are working I wouldn't change them but that's me. New displacers are rare and expensive, good used displacers are available as are repair services in the UK. Connectors are available and pipes are available new in plastic and metal. Pipes are also fairly easy to make or have made since they use a common flair connection.

                If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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                  Re what Kelley mentioned, I have read that one can have displacers refurbished by a firm in in the UK for a cost of around £200 per unit.
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                    I've just seen that Tim at Minimail MIGHT have some hyd displacer solutions. I'm not a wet man, but maybe this could help.
                    spares at minimail dot co dot uk
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