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brake servo installation/clearance

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  • brake servo installation/clearance

    Hi there, new member here.

    The previous owner of my Mini removed the brake servo when he installed a Metro engine. I'd like to put it back, but there's precious little clearance for it, due to the clutch slave cylinder bracket (pictured).

    Here's how it looks with the servo in (servo at left). Clearance to the flywheel/clutch housing is close, but to the slave cylinder bracket is REALLY close (sorry, couldn't get a good picture of it). Is this how it's supposed to be, or does the Metro engine have a different slave setup than earlier Mini-correct engines?

    Also, is there supposed to be a support bracket on the front end of the servo? Looks like there may be mounting holes in the fender well (pictured), and the servo seems likely to vibrate against the fender well if not supported at the front.

    Much obliged for your responses.

    Seattle, WA

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    Well, I drove around with the servo bolted in but not hooked up, and didn't hear any obvious signs of contact with the engine... so, hooked it up. Wow, the servo makes a huge difference!

    A quick web search shows that there should be a bracket on the nose of the servo, so if anyone has one to spare...