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  • Bypass connection

    I'm working with Brian S on installing a Mini Mania used lump. MM has blocked off the hose from head to water pump and the pump has no fitting for the bypass.

    What's the best course of action? Leave it as is or install a pump with a fitting?

    Also, the heater valve position on the head has the bolt holes drilled and tapped but the center hole for the water has never been drilled.

    Do we just drill it out?


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    Responded to Brian on both items.

    Bypass hose. Either, (1) leave as is and drill 6 or so 1/8" holes around the thermostat, or (2) change the pump; use the bypass hose; leave the thermostat alone.

    Head. Tap the heater valve stud holes to make sure the pre-drilled threads are good. Drill out the water hole.
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      So Brian and I need to learn to communicate?
      Thanks Chuck!


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        Drilled out hole for heater control valve.

        Replaced water pump with new one. Connected bypass.