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Rear brake cylinder leak

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  • Rear brake cylinder leak

    Hi, this is Dave from Bellingham. I went to move my mini yesterday and found my rear passenger side wheel lying in a pool of brake fluid. Checked the brake lines and pulled the wheel and it has to be the cylinder. I'm thinking these are original brake cylinders, is it better to fix just the one or should I replace both rears. The right brakes were saturated in brake fluid, will this have done harm to the brake shoes????

    Thanks all

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    Ive always just replaced them. Its a few bucks more and isnt quite the hassle. Normally id swap out both rear cylinders, just because one the other side is bound to go out next. At least in my eyes I try to keep the brakes even one side goes out i do the other side while im at it. As for the brake shoes being drenched in hydro fluid, id swap them out just to be on the safe side.


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      Change both of them and both sets of rear shoes. Don't forget the w/c to backing plate gaskets. Bet the springs, adjusters and wedges need replacing, too.

      Also bet that one or more of the springs or shoes are not installed correctly. Worked on rear brakes this past weekend and my record is still intact. I have yet to have a car in my garage for brake work that has had the rear shoes and springs all correctly installed.
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        Thanks for the info guys. I order a complete set of brake shoes, cylinders, springs and drums for both rear. Now to see how good I am at installing them.

        Many thanks