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What are my wheels worth?

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  • What are my wheels worth?


    Going to swap from 10's to 12's and I need help pricing the 10's. They are Mag Product GT 10x6 from the UK. Centre caps are missing.

    I have heard they are rare but an internet search revealed nothing.

    Any thoughts?


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    hey Paul,
    they are rare, most of the Mag Product wheels seem to have not made it to the us and I think they stoped production in the late 70s or early 80s. Sadly they are only worth what some one is willing to pay for them (like anything else) I would look around at some of the other used wheels for sale and be open to offers on yours. Or just hang on to them for when you decide the ride and performance was better on 10's , then put them back on
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      I had a set on the rocket, but the rims were polished with gloss black 'spokes'. Pretty good looking rim. I agree with James, keep them and the lugs.