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What is your favorite spray adhesive?

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  • What is your favorite spray adhesive?

    I just received my bonnet insulation mat from MS. I need to get some spray adhesive for it, and for carpet installation in the future. What is your favorite brand and type. Is there any I should not use? My Lowes has Loctite Brand 300 Heavy Duty - it was the only one there that listed for carpet use.

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    Don't monkey about mate!

    I understand in the adhesives world (even in construction needs) that the Gorilla glue is top dog. It comes in a variety of dispensing tools, a spray can, bottle of Elmers style glue, etc.

    I had to eat bananas for a week when I walked by one of their sales signs.

    I don't know.......good luck.
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      3M is my preferred adhesive. They have a pretty decent web site. I'd take a look at super 77, Hi-Strength 90 or this general trim adhesive

      The key to most adhesive application is prep. Make sure the area is clean, dry & free of oils. Use denatured alcohol to wipe down the entire area of application. If you have a good prep you'll have a good bond.

      I don't think gorilla glue will work well in this application. The polyurethane expands and then becomes stiff, I don't know if you can get a good clamp load for insulation and carpet plus it could be brittle under the foam. I love it for wood working but would avoid it for foam and carpet.
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        Large beat me to it. 3M, Super Trim Adhesive.

        And remember when you get to the carpet, you should never glue anything to the floor of a Mini.
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