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Later Model Exhaust Preference?

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  • Later Model Exhaust Preference?

    I'm looking for suggestions on a downpipe and cat back exhaust for my '96 SPI. I plan to leave the manifold but need to replace the rest. I'm looking for a mellow exhaust while cruising but has a nice sound under acceleration. I'm considering removing the cat for improve mpg and flow as well. Thoughts, suggestions? Thanks!
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    Check out the web sites for Seven Enterprises or Mini Mania. The RC40 system is generally thought to be the best for performance and has a nice exhaust note.


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      Use the SEARCH for PARTS function on the Mini Mania web site. Search on RC40. Do something similar on Seven's site.

      Here's one option (from MM's site). Look at C-AEG372. If you install that, then you have a lot of options from there on back.

      Check out the hangers on your system. It's likely you'll need new ones.
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