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Millers Classic Mini Engine Oil

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  • Millers Classic Mini Engine Oil

    Anyone see the latest Mini Mania email featuring Millers "Specially Formulated Classic Mini Oil"? Sounds like its a great formula based on their description. Might this be the ideal Mini oil? ZDDP-additive still required, I assume?

    From the webpage:
    • Use in combined engine and gearbox applications
    • Engine oil with EP levels of gear protection

    Application: Use in installations where the engine and gearbox share the same oil such as original Mini, and gearbox applications specifying an engine oil. The best possible oil for discerning Mini owners.

    User Benefits
    • Improved engine and gearbox protection versus a normal 20w50 engine oil.
    • Longer life for gears, plain bearings and needle/roller bearings
    • Improved gear change quality. Longer idler gear life in transverse Mini engines.

    Performance Profile API: SF, CD, GL-4 CCMC: CCMC G2
    Typical Characteristics SAE Viscosity 20w50
    Specific Gravity (at 15°C)0.885
    Kinematic Viscosity (at 100°C, cSt) 18.1
    Kinematic Viscosity (at 40°C, cSt) 173
    Viscosity Index 134
    Pour Point (°C) <-15
    Flash Point (°C) >200
    Cold Crank Viscosity (cP) 9,500

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    I saw the ad and nearly choked on my coffee when I saw the $12.00 per liter price tag. For my 35K mile engine, I'll stick to Castrol 20-50 w/a splash of DZZP, thank you. I don't know enough about mineral based oils to persuade me to pay that price, even for use in a newly rebuild engine.
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      Wow, I didn't take take note of the price. More than double or even triple a standard quart of oil. Ouch.