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Suspension Questions.

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  • Suspension Questions.

    Just curious as to how these things work or if they are a bad idea. I occasionally drive it to work up on Capital Hill, since I have a secure parking garage to park it in. But, the drive home along I-5 can be a bit bumpy because of those joints. Just trying to figure out an economical way to fix the rebounding because as of right now it can't keep up with the bumps.

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    Or does anyone know of a US company that sells a kit similar to this?


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      Hi Buddy,

      Why don't you bring your new Mini to the Mini Clinic at Chuck's later this month and let everyone paw over it and crawl under it. Then you'll know exactly what you want to do. Since your Clubman is stock you probably don't need hi-los. You may need new shocks or you may need the suspension aligned which is a whole nuther can of worms. If that's the case you may want to buy some adjustable pieces, install them and have the alignment set up by a good shop like, say, Group 2. Pretty straight forward stuff.

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        Hi-Los are invaluable for adjusting ride height as the rubber cones we get nowadays sag.
        Congrats on the new car!


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          Hi Buddy, and when Ed says "Everyone Paw over your car" he meens that in the nicest way. Hope to see you and your mini there.


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            I had the same question a few months back. I have a 1976 Mini with approx. 50k miles and based on the paper work I have it appears the cones may be original to the car. So i figured it was time to replace them after 30+ years. I ended up purchasing the following kits



            Hope this helps


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              Thanks for all the replies, definately plan on coming to the gtg on the 15th.