so I have spent plenty of time trying to figure out the issue i have with my mini. It bogs when i am trying to go up hill and feels to loose power. I talked with another mechanic friend who doesn't live around here and he thinks its the carb.

I am pretty mechanical but have never tinkered with a carb. is there anyone in the bothell area who might be able to come out some weekend and give me a hand? im pretty busy with work on the week days and then volunteering at the fire house i work with. Let me know when you might be able to and i can figure it out.
I was thinking of trying to take it to carb connection in kirkland but would rather not spend $100 for them to do it.

So if you know what you are doing and are pretty competent in working on carbs please give me a hand, im willing to pay a bit or possible pawn off some extra stuff i might have laying around the garage.