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  • Media Blasting

    For those of you that have done this yourself or had it done, what type of media did you use? I hear that sand is bad but haven't heard what is the best thing to use.

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    You can use walnut shells.
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      Garnet and walnut mix works great. Less weight than full sand (not as likley to warp) and the shells help with seam sealer and other soft materials as well. Blastech in Auburn use this combo ask for Ray.. Alternative Blasters in Marysvile use plastic to blast paint and primer (very easy on the steel) then move to full sand for rust or metal etching, ask for Jason. What a messy job to DIY! Build a tent and figure out a system to gather the media up and reuse because you will go through a lot for any decent size job. Personally I let the pros do big jobs for me but I always have a pressure pot near by for small stuff. I use a product called green diamond, it's easy on the environment and the lungs and does a fine job all the way around. Salmon Bay sand and gravel carries it, $15 for a 100lb bag.. Get the 30/60 grit. Works great... Gunnar