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    How do you get the door off of a MKIV? There does't seem to be a way to get access to the hinges without doing some cutting. Once I get the doors off, how do I get the glass out of them?

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    I was able to easily pull a door off my car, which is similar to yours structurally as it also has internal hinges.

    First thing - remove the cotter pin, then tap the retaining pin on the door check strap off. Be sure any wiring into the door from the body is then disconnected (obviously).

    Then, remove the four nuts and metal washer plates that are inside the front fender. It's best to turn the steering wheel to allow for easier inner fender access when doing this.

    I left my door closed while moving the four nuts as that way I did not have to support the doors weight. Once those four are off and when you open your door, you should be able to easily remove it.

    I've not had to remove the glass on mine but the Haynes book covers that in the chapter on bodywork and fittings.

    Good luck.


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      If you want some help let me know.
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