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  • Engine builder recommendations?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a rebuilt 1275 for my Inno. I'm familiar with the usual suspects... Seven Enterprises, Heritage Garage, and Mini Mania.

    Does anyone recommend one shop over the others? Or have recommendations for shops that I haven't mentioned? Any recommendations, advice, personal preferences, or comparisons between builders will be much appreciated.

    As some of you know, I was seriously considering Morspeed in the UK, but have recently decided to take a closer look at my options here in the US.

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    Two or three club members have recently installed engines from Seven. One ended up with a problem that I know has been fixed by Seven. I have also knows of some MM engine installs that seemed to turn out ok as well. But haven't known of any, good or bad from Haritage. Remember club members get a discount from MM. That could make it worth going to them, or not, you do the math. Good luck!
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      Seven did the engine and gearbox for Barbara's car. There was a gearbox problem that they took care of promptly and under warranty. It really didn't cost Barbara anything except the time the car spent in California. I was surprised how flexible they were about the whole thing.


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        Thanks for the input, guys. Looks like it will come down to cost in the end, as they all seem like competent builders.


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          My vote is for Heritage

          They built the engine in my last Wagon and did a superb job. They did the tranny as well and when a minor glitch showed up they pulled the engine, fixed it, an re-installed it at no additional cost to me!

          The only problem with them is getting in line. They are always booked well in advance, but they do address any problems quickly.