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  • sparkplugs oily

    on my white Inno, I noticed start driving and it feels not much power
    and running on 3 zylinder i guess.
    Checked the sparkplugs
    No. 1 looks Ok No. 2 oily No. 3 oily No 4 good
    when I cleaned them car runs great.
    I try to minimize the choke in the morning during starting
    The sparkplugs I use NGK BP 6 ES
    One thing i do I run the car not long enough , so it does get up warm enough
    but i checked that and drove the car.until it was hot! still next morning
    same symtons.
    Could it be the mixture to rich?
    Should Icheck the compression again?( 5 month ago was very good all about
    190) engine is a 1360 cc carb single 1 3/4


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    There is a big difference between oily plugs and black plugs. Sometimes I can't tell the difference by looking. I take a piece of paper or Kleenex and touch the plug with it. If the problem is carbon from running rich there will be no mark on the paper. If it's oil it will show a mark on the paper.

    Fuel fouled plugs can be caused by bad plug wires.

    Oily plugs could be worn intake valve guides but you should see oil smoke.

    If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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      will check it out. keep you posted
      Thks kelly



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        Peter, have someone drive the car while you follow. One quick and dirty diagnosis of worn intake valve guide is to watch for the wisp of smoke when the car is downshifted. Light wisp, slight wear with some blow-by. Smoke cloud, time for valve job including guides. If it's just a little puff don't worry too much about it.