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Su Hs2 Auc 8450.

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  • Su Hs2 Auc 8450.

    So I was digging through the parts for my 1962 Countryman, and decided to see whats left of the carb, and find out exactly what I have. After a bit of gas and Gumout cleaner I was able to read AUC 8450 on the carb body and AUC1390 on the float bowl. After doing a bit of research, I found that the bowl is the same as some pre war Morris products....not too shocking, and the carb is a SU HS2. OK, this poses my query. Is a HS2 1 1/4" carb ok to put on a 1071 (what it came off) for performance reasons. The car had been "modified" in the late sixties, or early seventies with other interesting trinkets. Does anyone have any input on the performance end of the situation? I appreciate any opinions and technical advice available. Thanks, Carl.
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    Keep digging Carl. Find the second HS2 and a manifold too.

    My Haynes SU Carburetors manual states that the '63 and '64 1071 would have AUD99R and AUD99L carbs, right and left. This number would be stamped on the small tag attached to the float bowl. The numbers you cite are casting numbers. The standard needle listed is an H6. If there are breathing mods then a letter 3, rich, needle is noted.

    If you don't go with dual carbs then a single HS4 or HIF might be in your future. The single HS2 is listed for the 850, some 998 and even 4 of the 1098 cc motors.