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Dust shield on 8.4 Disc.

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  • Dust shield on 8.4 Disc.

    I noticed on the front of my car. rattleing noice.
    looked at it. sounds like my right dust shield on the. 8.4 disc are on the way
    out and making noice..
    Is it really important to have those.? can I get new ones??


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    I know has them. I looked at new ones for the clubman when I found one broke but swapped it from one off my cooper.
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      Dust shield, fust shield!

      Mine went bad the first year of owning the Rover Dust shield model.....They broke, rusted, rattled, and then got tossed. No worries since. I thought about buying new, then saw the same defects in others "new" parts and decided to abstain. Just sayin'.
      It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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        Mine were 7.5-inchers, of course, but after they trapped a squealing, screaming rock between the disk and the shield for the second time, I chucked 'em.


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          If one keeps their wheels clean and/or uses brake pads that do not produce a lot of dust, there really isn't much of a need for dust shields.

          I think the reason they were put on by the factory was to prevent water from splashing onto the backside of the brake discs since a large enough amount could cause them to warp.
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