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Brake bleeding help, possible leak

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  • Brake bleeding help, possible leak

    I've not found it yet (its not obvious) but I believe I have a brake line leak somewhere and apparently have gotten some air in my lines. The brakes are still working, but I'd like to take it somewhere and do the bleeding. I'm on Capitol Hill and am confident I could drive the car just about anywhere around Seattle.

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    It's pretty unusual to have a brake leak that isn't bringing you close to complete brake failure. Are you seeing leaking fluid anywhere? Are you losing fluid in the master cylinder? Is it a single or dual master cylinder? What year car is it?

    Odds are that the rear wheel cylinders are bad. That's an easy guess on an English car. If you have a single line system it will affect the entire braking system. You probably need more than bleeding. I think you should talk to Chuck about this.

    Good luck,

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      If this is the white Inno, Kelley's guess my be right on. When I last worked on the car (3.5 years agao?) and replaced the master, I had to clean out the bleed valves on the rear wheel cylinders to get fluid to flow. That doesn't point to longevity of the rear wheel cylinders.

      How's the fluid level in the master?
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        Yes, its the white inno we did lots of work on including taking out the booster and putting a new master in. The fluid level was low, but the feel of the brakes did not improve after filling it up. Do you remember that you could hold down the brake pedal and eventually get it to go all the way to the floor? I'm free anytime except tuesdays the next two weeks.


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          Adding fluid won't solve the problem, but will give you a little more time before the fluid drops low enough to start sucking air.
          Right now I have time any afternoon this week. Give me a call. 425 226 2783
          Told the same thing to Peter, so first come first served.
          Should be able to figure out the problem but fixing it will depend upon what it is and what parts I have on the magic shelves, or what parts need to be ordered.
          The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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            I have a power bleed if you need it. Makes the job so much easier