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  • Starting/ Battery

    I have a new battery in my white Inno( was about time)
    Anyway i noticed when my car sits longer for a few Days
    it does not start so well, it turns slowy over, almost comes to a halt
    Then when i drive more often that day it always starts good.
    I checked the Battery with -out running the engine it shows 12.65 Volt
    wit the engine running it shows m 13.54 volt. I think that is good:
    I cleaned the ground cable at the battery to the body pretty well.
    What do I miss anything else??
    What about checking if the car is parked and all appliance are off.
    to check if the Battery is draining through something slowly.
    What would be the procdure to measure that? ( multimeter)

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    Remove the negative battery lead and tap it against the terminal. If you get a spark, then something is drawing current. You could then start removing the fuses one by one and testing to get closer to the trouble. You don't have a radio, right? of course you don't.