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Bad Gas!!!

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  • Bad Gas!!!

    I don't know if you all heard but my silver mini had a problem on the return trip from Vancouver ABFM.
    I was cruisin' at 70 on I5 all things running great until I came to Marysville. Then it just acted as if it ran out of gas. I stopped by the side of the road in the rain and checked the usual (spark, fuel flow, etc). Wouldn't start. after sitting awhile I pulled the choke out and it started. I was able to drive it home without further incident but it did surge and cut out. But it made it home.
    I took of the HIF44 carb and took it apart and inspected it. It was clean with no apparent problem.
    Yesterday I replaced the fuel filter and when I turned the car on I noticed the gas looked funny. Dark orange and thick.
    Today I took out the tank and drained it. Guess what? About a quart of rusty water was in the bottom.
    I think it must have been the 94 octane fillup I did just before leaving Vancouver to come back.

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    Classic Miniac.
    1978 Mini (1460)
    1991 B M W 318is

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    Looks like (94 octane) cider? ;-)


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      I'm tellin' ya......that Canuck fuel! Brian and Elise's wee Tabby suffered from it. Fill up before heading into the dark North.
      It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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        I had a feeling it could have been the petrol, but that seemed too easy~ Guess who is going to drain their tank again?

        We did have a little hiccup on the return from Octagon after refueling in Sumas... I bet the refuel stirred up the residual Canadian Cider in our tank!! Those cheeky Canucks!!


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          bad gas can be painful ...