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Bleeding the Clutch Hydraulic System

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  • Bleeding the Clutch Hydraulic System

    OK, if this procedure is specifically model oriented, I have a '79 Austin Mini 1000. I've found the clutch slave cylinder (what an incredibly tight fit) and at the end of the cylinder (an even tighter fit) I can see the bleed screw with a fitting on the end for tubing. I'm assuming that to bleed the system I have to open the screw a full turn (half a turn?), put the tubing onto the fitting and with the reservoir tank full, have my helper pump the clutch peddle until I get a steady stream of fluid into a jar at the end of the tubing. And then, tighten the screw. Or, is this an over-simplification? In any event, the working space is so small, I can't tell what the nut size is for the bleed screw. There doesn't seem to be much room to turn a wrench so does this procedure require a special tool? Also, what size tubing do I need and where do I buy such tubing? Lastly, if anyone, or two or more, wants to come over to my house in Des Moines (WA not IA!) to guide me through this process, the beer and pizza is on me. Thanks! Bill

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    You've got it Bill. I use the clear plastic tube you get from the hardware store, can't remember what diameter. (1/4 or 5/16"?) I also put a length of stiff wire in the tube to straighten out the twisties in the tube. The clear tube allows you to see the air bubbles as they leave the cylinder, no more bubbles and you're done. Have the helper pump slowly and don't let the master resevoir go dry!



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      7/16 or 10mm for wrench for bleed screw. Originals were all 7/16".
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        I finally figured it out. With my son as helper I successfully bled the system and the car now shifts nice and easy. Thanks to all of you who responded. BTW, the proper tubing size for the job is 1/4" I.D. Thanks again, Bill


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          Thanks guys, this was a great thread. Helped me bleed my clutch slave cylinder with no problems except working my big hands into tiny spaces. However, I'm still having some difficulties shifting into 1st from a stop. Shifting into 2nd & then into 1st sometimes helps.
          Firemarshal Bill
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