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  • choke

    when cold in the morning starting your mini you pull the choke
    All the way out.
    Do you warm it up, idleling, or should you start driving right away.
    When you pull the choke back
    when luke warm? or gratually?.
    I have always have a hard time, driving a to short distance on Vashon
    to work or shoppinging in order to warm the engine up .
    Does it matter which Su Car you use the twin 1 1/4 or later 1 3/4 ?
    So sometimes 2 of my sparkplus sometimes looking pretty oily, so perhaps
    the engine does not get hot enough?


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    If the car will move under it's own power it is not necessary to warm it up further. You might want to give the car a little extra warm up time if the temperatures are in the -20F to -40F range but you'll never see that around here.

    Warming up the car at idle is not in any way the same as driving it and bringing it up temperature. Idle is often the most inefficient speed to run an engine.

    You need to make sure that you are really seeing oily plugs as opposed to dry, black soot on the plugs. Oil is very bad, soot just means that it's running rich (choke) and it's not warming up enough to burn off the soot.

    The only way to reduce damage from short trips it to take a longer route. In your case, every trip should include a couple of laps of Vashon.


    If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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      thanks, I have to correct myself what i saw was soot.
      anyway thks for comment. I think I warm the car up ideling to long,
      and then the short distance will cause that.
      a few laps around vasdon will do it, or a new Job in Seattle.



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        And you want to get out of the "choke" mode as soon as possible, but remember that doesn't mean that the choke cable knob has to be pushed all the way in. There is a fast idle system on the SUs that gets you out of the choke (before the knob is all in) and into a fast idle that is the same as if you were on the throttle pedal a little with your foot.
        The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.