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Need a distributor recommendation

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  • Need a distributor recommendation

    I have an A+ 998 with a HIF38. My carb does not have a vac port, which dizzy iz for me?

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    Hi, For shear ease, I would recommend what I continue to hear is the best, but priciest. The 123 distributor. But, If you are looking a lower budge item, you could just put an E kit into yours. That might be really simple in comparison since it's just it and a coil, re-time it, and you're okay. If I'm right, Kelley has/had some E-kits. Hopefully he'll chime in.
    Best of luck on the vac port versus not. Most agree if you're not a racer, the vacuum advance is a real advantage for mileage/drivability combined.

    Best regards,
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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      Thanks mark, however my old dizzy is A series not A+ sooo I need a new distributor. Maybe I should bail on the non vac carb? I really hope to make it work. Am I correct that the vac just helps the advance, and idle ?


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        Aldon Red ? (chuck?)


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          Vacuum advance helps with part throttle fuel economy. I would consider it essential, these days, on a street car.

          The 123 distributor is certainly the best and worth the extra expense, shop around though, prices vary, a lot.

          If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...