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    Does any one have any idea what bulb would have been used for the front turn lights on a 1965 MK1? The receptacles ("bulb holder") require a two-contact bulb with the side pins not symmetrical. MiniMania's 1073 (GLB382) has only one contact in the center of the base, with symmetrical pins; works for the rear but not the front. The existing bulb bases are unreadable, so they don't help. Thanks, Larry.

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    A 65 Mk I could have used two different types of bulbs: the single element GLB382 you found for those cars with the "parking" light in the headlamp, or a dual element bulb (1157 on the Mini Mania web site), for the cars with the turn signal and parking light per cars built for the U.S. (and some other) markets.
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      Thank You

      The picture of the 1157 on the MiniMania site looks promising. The offset pins are correct and it looks as though there may be more than one base contact. What threw me originally was the two-element configuration (the bulbs I removed had only one element); it makes sense, though, since this is a left-hand import for the US. Thanks for the reply. Larry


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        Hi Larry, Chuck,
        If I'm right, and you'll want the single element bulb, that would be 1156. I think they are available in both clear and amber, depending on your lens choice.
        Best of luck,
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