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Carburetor Trouble, I think

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  • Carburetor Trouble, I think

    Hi all,
    As most of you who know me you know, I'm a novice Mini mechanic. I'm trying to help the other Olympia Mini owner get his 1976 Clubman running. We spent the day checking everything I could think of and still no exhaust. He has replaced all of the ignition components and they all checked out good. There is good spark to the plugs, and the timing is really close.
    It looks to me as though it's getting too much fuel and flooding out. Is it possible that the HS-4 carb is putting so much fuel into the engine that it won't start? Three plugs (1,3,and 4 were pretty wet). We tried taking the fuel line off of the carb to see if we could cut down on the amount of fuel going into the engine and we almost got it to fire. By then the battery was too flat to spin the engine.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. Any leads on another HS-4 or equivalent to try?

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    Be sure that, with the choke knob all the way in, the jet is up against the jet adjusting nut.



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      Thanks Don. That is part of the problem. I think we need to disconnect the choke cable so we can make sure it's all the way off. I'm sure the jet wasn't all the way against the nut. I think Rick is going to take the carburetor off and go through it to make sure everything is adjusted by the book. He has very little information on the status of the car when it was parked three years ago.
      I'd sure like to see another Mini running around town.


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        Float level another possible problem, as well as sticking needle and seat.

        Wet plugs don't dry very well, so try a fresh set when you think the carb is working correctly.
        The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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          Has the fuel been changed since it was parked 3 years ago? Bad fuel can cause the problem you're seeing. Old fuel will also cause the float needle valve to stick. You probably don't need to remove the carb entirely. Removing the float bowl lid and the suction chamber and piston assembly will give you access to every thing you need.

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            Thanks guys,
            I was thinking it might be a sticking needle. We never got to try starting it with the fuel supply line disconnected. Rick said that the fuel is new, so that shouldn't be the issue.