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  • Touch up paint

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and was wondering where I could get paint for my mini for touch ups. I have the paint code but the auto places around here do not have the base for mixing. The colour is Snapdragon Yellow for a 1978 sedan. They did say they could colour match if I bought them a part of the car to photograph. I think it would be regular enamel. Any thoughts?

    Dave in Bellingham

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    Getting it color matched at a good paint store is a good idea. The age of the paint can change the color. Make sure they know it is touch-up paint, so they can mix a single stage paint with the "air dry" hardener. It is different then regular hardener and is mixed in with the paint already. If you can drop the car off for a couple of hours, they should be able to get it done.
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      Touch up Paint

      Hey Dave,

      Nice to see you joined the SAMOA forum! I'm not sure when you came by last time if I mentioned taking your beautiful Mini over to United Auto Electric on James St., B'ham and have them use their paint machine to get a paint color. I used them on mine for paint touch up and it seemed to get very close to my color. They put this contraption on your roof to get a color match and then they make a paint formula from it. Check them out!

      Oh, I forgot to tell you that a Chuckanut drive is coming up March 8th.

      a.k.a. GreenThumb


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        touch up paint

        Thanks for the replies, Hi Steve, I just received a call from United Paints and they cannot match the paint code but he did say to bring it over and they will take a pic of it. I'll do that this weekend. Say, were you in Sudden Valley a few weeks ago?, someone spotted a red wagon like yours. Thanks for the heads up on the drive, we will join you.


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          One company you may want to try is

          The good news is the British used the colors on more then one model. I was able to find the color of my Mini from a 1976 Triumph Spitfire.

          You can order both touch up and spray can for your car.