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  • Transmission Roll Pin

    I'm in the process of removing the engine/transmission from a 1992 mini and am stuck trying to remove the roll pin from the transmission shift rod at the connection to the transmission. It just will not budge. I've tried to drift it out and then tried to drill it out. No luck. it is hardened steel and I cannot get it to drill out. Any ideas out there?

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    Engage reverse gear to get the best shot at it. Remove the foremost pin.

    I've only had one I had to work hard to get out and that was because when it had been inserted last, the trailing end had been mushroomed out. I had to get the Dremel out and remove the mushroomed tip to get to straight metal.

    If you don't have a proper roll pin drift, make sure that what you use to get the pin started and to the coupler is flat and at least as big in diameter as the roll pin.
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      Thanks . . . I'll give it another shot.


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        The other issue with roll pins usually is people try to use a nail or other sharp pointed type drift to drive the pin out, the point spreads the pin wider and won't allow it to move out. You need a drift that has nearly the O.D. of the I.D. of the hole the roll pin is in so you are overcoming the surface tension holding the pin in place. Drift needs to fit squarely on the top surface of the roll pin. I've watched more than once as someone who should know better used a nail on a roll pin and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't move...


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          I added a little heat to the collar and was able to drift out the pin closest to the transmission. I will say that thus far, this was the toughest part of the restore. I think the heat made the difference. Thanks for the advice.