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998 exhaust differential bracket position

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  • 998 exhaust differential bracket position

    I'm in the midst of installing a complete new factory exhaust system (1-piece two box style) on a late Mk III 998 and am looking for some reference photos of the correct location for the exhaust differential bracket.

    The prior system was "custom made" bodged-up junk that did not even have a bracket, so I'm not sure were on the transmission it mounts? As a result of a number of longstanding oil leaks, there's a lot of built up oily crud underneath the backside of the engine/trans/tunnel area and that is also hiding any obvious studs/mounting holes.

    Though not correct, the shot below is the closest thing I've found with Google images. It's an LCB equipped car.


    1098 LCB downpipe bracket position
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    That's the general ideal for LCB, "Cooper" types, and those cars using the cast iron, combined, intake and exhaust maniford. There are several variation of the actual brackets and clamps for both the magic wand, remote and rod change gearboxes; including, those that do not use a bracket on the differential at all. Sometimes one just needs to be a little creative.
    In all cases that I have found, one or more of the bolts holding the differential side cover are used.
    Stick with it no matter what you end up with. I consider this mounting point very important to maintaining a reliable exhaust system.
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      I agree that it's very important to use one and my goal here is to return things back to 'stock' so an exhaust differential bracket is in the plan. Unfortunately I don't have a good reference shot of what a correctly installed one looks like.. hence my posting.
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