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Starter spins but..

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  • Starter spins but..

    Starter spins but won't engage the flywheel. "Bendix" cleaned and lubed with graphite per Kelley's input,free as can be. Teeth on ring gear look good. Turned the motor by hand a couple degrees to eliminate potential flat spots on ring gear. Any ideas?

    1975 Mini 850

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    Hit it w/ a hammer!


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      Starter worn out and not spinning fast enough?
      The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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        I have a handful of used starters you could take your pick from, Don, if you want to try another starter. Can't recall what type they are, although I believe I have a couple varieties.


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          Thanks Chad, I seem to have aquired a pile of starters myself.

          I began by testing battery voltage, strong 12v. Washed the battery with soap and water, topped it up with distilled water, cleaned all the connections. Replaced the *** ground strap and the car started. Figured the ground was good enough to charge the battery but not enough to start the car. It started, about three times....

          Replaced the starter, no improvement. Battery voltage now at about 10v. Turned my attention to the alternator, no increase in voltage with the car running. New alt and we have 14v at idle and 15v at 1500 rpm. Woo Hoo!

          When we got the car the IGN light would glow at higher rpm, the opposite of what it should. Figured the white wire to the light was grounded instead of providing +12 to the light. But it still started so why mess with it? Today I found the white wire insulation was melted away, probably finding ground somewhere. I installed a "temporary" +12 wire from the coil to the light, working as it should now.