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Do hydraulic wheel dolly jacks fit Minis?

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  • Do hydraulic wheel dolly jacks fit Minis?

    I am thinking about getting a set of car wheel dollies (like these: to maximize the space in my garage, but I'm wondering if 10" wheels are too small for these to work. Anyone out there using these?


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    I'm using the type that each wheel is loaded onto. works great for 10" or 12 ".
    Can unlock each and move around in the garage. Jack the car up and remove wheel dolly. $49.95 for two. Sometimes on sale at harbor fright.


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      Thanks, Dale. I do wonder why they all seem to be sold per pair. Why not singles or per set of 4? Who needs exactly 2 car dollies?
      I like the idea of the ones that incorporate jacks. I see that the Harbor Freight ones (the ones that incorporate jacks -- not the ones you have) use a system like a bumper jack (no hydraulics -- just a long lever ratcheting the pieces together). Griot's and many others (like the link above) use a hydraulic mechanism. I have considered the Harbor Freight ones like yours several times, but the "lazy" factor kicks in. I think it would be nice to just stick the dolly around the wheel, pump a few times, and have the car ready to roll around with no separate jack required. I am afraid that, even with the dollies in the fully-contracted position, the 2 halves will still be too far apart to lift the tire off the ground. I suppose I can get the car running, drive it down to Griot's, and test it there.


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        I vote for the get the car running and drive it option, Shane ! Ha Ha Ha !

        But, seriously, my neighbor has spoken highly of the incorporated jack type.

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