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    So i need some help, i got my mini running and driving but i need some last fine tunning done,
    Is there anyone out there that would be willing to come to my house in bothell and spend a good hour or so pin pointing what i need to do/ give me a hand doing it. i dont really want to drive it far untill i get the issues figured.

    Basically i just did a rebuild of the motor, and it runs fine but what im thinking is that the carb needs tuned, an exhaust leak or something like that.
    The issue is that it runs and drives fine but slowly looses power when trying to climb a hill, which is no good when all around me are hills.
    im looking for someone with great knowledge of motors,
    If you can help me feel free to pm me or shoot me a email at [email protected] or call my cell phone at 425-785-4981

    i live in the bothell area just off of 228th

    Hoping to get to it this weeknd if possible

    Leon C

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    no one? wow


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      Hey Leon,
      Don't take it personally. Most of us are kinda busy with the Vancouver ABFM coming up and holiday weekends looming. The damn grass needed mowing too! I'd like to take a look at your car but the issue is when. Weeknights?



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        Hi Leon,
        I would like to help but I know my own limits! Any mechanical needs I usually end up taking the mini down to Chuck's. I find that he has all the tools, knowledge, and sometimes that special part I wasn't counting on! If your mini isn't drivable, do you have AAA? I have used mine with Chuck and my mini dealings.
        Best of luck to you


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          If you have points check your gap. I have had the same problem in the past with multiple cars. Re-fit the gap and the power is back.


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            i am free any weeknight after 6 and most of the weekends im pretty free.
            I have thought to take it down to chuck cause i have heard he works magic but getting it down there is one issue. i had to rent a flatbed to get it to the paint shop and i rather not do that again.
            im going to take a look at it again in more detail over the 3 day weekend coming up.


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              A A A
              The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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                Hi Leon,
                I've been busy with the clubby van getting it ready for Van Dusen, so haven't had time. Now I'm preparing for the long weekend, but would be glad to come and help on a weeknite after 6. Let me know... Perhaps wed the 1st if you are available then?
                Do you have a scope, or timing light, or analyzer?
                Do you have fuel, spark, and compression? ( Sorry to go so basic, but had to be sure. )

                Phone me and let me know, and,
                Best regards,
                All Together Now..... Everybody.......