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  • running engine temperature

    What is the ideal running temperature for a mini engine, when engine is
    warm and driven.
    My 1360 reads at the gauge always high especially when not moving
    " well into the Red" then i check with my mini Temp. non contact sender and it
    reads 180. ( pointing at the thermostate) Is that about right??.
    I m running a regular plastic Fan blade , have not checked the thermostate..
    For me it sounds like my reading temp gauge is off.

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    Peter, yes sounds like you guage is off. I think we ran into trubble befor , between your Inno guages and the english sender. I would trust the temp gun over the guage. 180 is fine. Most engines run hotter than that. I have see mini engines running everywhere between 160 and 210. So 180 sounds fine to me. And remember a 1360 will always run hotter sitting in traffic
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      thanks, yes it should be the
      Temp gauge on the dash reading to high.
      I have the right temp sender unit in, which is different and transmitt
      different to the british.
      So one day take the oval dash out and see what what s there.