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Air fuel meter & Oxy Sensor kit for tuning

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  • Air fuel meter & Oxy Sensor kit for tuning

    In Motorcycle Consumer News' May magazine, they review a fairly useful service tool which may assist some A series tuners. It's a kit from NGK, the well known spark plug supplier. Read on:

    Perhaps this tool could assist those preparing for a Dyno Day outing. Anyone other than me think that the club should include it as a Club Property item?

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    Mark, I'm with you. An 0xy sensor seems like an obvious choice for the club's tool box.


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      I'm for it but to be fair we should mention the price. The system is about $270. It will also require occasional replacement of the wide-band O2 sensor at between $80 to $150 and possibly the wiring harness at $65.

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        I think the club has enough to cover that. Sounds like a GOOD motion for the next club metting!
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          And don't miss the fine print. This isn't a tail pipe sniffer. A bung of the right size needs to be welded into the exhaust system. I wonder if it is the same size as the one those of us already have from Fairlady Motors?
          I also wonder if the wiring set up will work with the car on the road so that the readings can be taken under load?
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            I'm glad that you are all interested. The points brought up are excellent, and I think that the way the staff at the mag used it, it will work for us as well ( in car, with the wires going down to reach the bung mounted oxy sensor. )
            I don't know this, but I think that most oxy sensors use the same basic thread and pitch; does anyone have any contacts in the world of bosch? I say bosch because they are a big player in oxy sensors and may be able to tell us the most common size and pitch.
            Does anyone who has had the "fairlady installed bung" know the size and pitch of theirs?

            This could turn out to be quite a neat tool and related experience for us!

            Best regards,
            All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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              The bung for my sensor is a M18x1.5 and Fairlady swapped their sensor in on Dyno Day. I have a car lift near Northgate to do the installations. Maybe we can talk Gunnar into going mobile to do the welding.

              I have a Bosch 11027 ($25) narrow band sensor monitored by a Westach 2C5-56 analog gauge. This sensor does not have the heater function of the wide band sensors so takes a few minutes to warm up and function. The wide band sensors provide faster control of the mixture by a cars control computer. As the control computer in my car is me, the slower narrow band unit is fine. I find the LED A/F gauges extremely annoying with all the flashing they produce. The analog type fits in better with the other gauges in a Mini.

              Autosport has a portable A/F gauge they will loan out (it would make sense to buy your sensor and bung there, eh?) for your tuning session. Makes a good alternative to buying the kit from NGK.