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  • Sweating Vin Bullets

    After a 5 year nut and bolt restoration my big brother's 1960 TR3 is back on the road.WOOO HOOOO! Due to some title issues he had to visit the WSP office in Bellevue for a VIN inspection. The title turned out to be the least of his worries. The VIN technician took one look at the brand shiny new VIN tag installed on the car and started asking some questions. Was this tag a replacement? Yes, the body shop handed my brother the old tag when he picked the car up. Yes, the blank tag supplied by Moss Motors was stamped with the original numbers.


    Why yes we do, here it is. Saved his butt having the original tag in hand. After 15 very nervous minutes the tech OK'd him for a new title.

    I asked the tech what the restorer of a vintage car was to do with a ratty old original tag. He said to bring the car in for inspection before the restoration. WSP would "mark" the car? or the vin tag? or the paper work? and removal of the old tag would be allowed. I didn't determine if the old tag had to go back on or if the shiny replacement was OK.

    Dennis lost absolutely no shoe leather the rest of the day, his feet never hit the ground! We had the top off for the drive home after lunch! WOO HOO!


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    Hi Don,
    Thanks for the information, Any pics of this cool car ?


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      That's cool; this story represents what is totally moronic with WSP vehicle inspections of restored vehicles. This level of scrutiny should be reserved for those people who are fabricating a vehicle, not someone restoring one. Coming from a "hot rodder" background I may have and may know of many other cases of buying say a model T or A title. Gone to DOL and had said title changed. That's the difference in running "collector" plates and not. Possible it's changed since the last time I've seen it done; then again old vehicle titles are still a hot comodity. Look at the "rat rodders" (if you can keep your lunch down) see how many of them are running old plates Vs. new plates; that's now they're doing it. Without the hassle of a WSP inspection either. Granted when the state finally catches on to what really goes on then everyone will have to endure such scrutiny, until then rat "rodders" will continue to get a plate for a firewall or part of a frame. Then again the state has an idea of what's happening; they just choose to look the other way.


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        Vin #s

        I have been told if your car/bike is out of the system, not registered in many years, it has to be inspected, also if the title has the wrong year for the vehicle you have a choice, leave the wrong year or go with the purists approach and visit the office for an inspection. Fortunately with my 62 Countryman they transferred the title with no fuss except the cost of the vehicle had to equal what their book said it should be, although that took a bit of explaining out here in hill billy land. "An Austin what?"
        It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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          No doubt,
          Recently, on Chasing Classic Cars, Wayne Carrini was the Dealer representative for an auction where the DOT/ State Police / or DOL came and asked for the auction to not proceed since the officer didn't like the rivets ( too new ) on several of the vin plates attached to the restored cars.
          They worked something out, but it caused quite a bit of stress for Wayne and the auction officials that day.

          This may continue to be a problem.....

          In a strange twist, my aussie van has the factory stamped into the sheetmetal vin. They, and other countries that produced classic Minis were also occasionally known to stamp the engine numbers into the block shelf.
          (Though I'm not certain if they had to remove the stamped and then riveted engine number to do so or not.)

          Kind of makes you go, Hmmmm.....

          Best regards,
          All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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            Some photos:

            Wee Elise taking a driving lesson. Her father Erin, my nephew, started in a TR-3 at about this age too.



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              Oh that's very nice, job well done. The wee one is cute too.


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                Wow, what a nice looking Triumph. Major congrats to your brother, Don..


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                  i may be doomed when i finally get the pick up ready for the road. whah.
                  Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh


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                    Keep taking pictures Dave.. I'm sure there will be a way
                    "remember, in this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road"
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